Bar Creates Secret Shot To Help Women Escape Danger

by Shelby

If you use dating websites such as Tinder or Plenty of Fish, then you need to read this. There are many dangerous predators on the internet, and this bar has created a way for you to escape dangerous situations.

Online predators are everywhere, and there is not really any way to tell them apart from a normal person. There are more than 500,000 predators online today! In modern society, online dating has become a popular trend among mostly younger adults. While many successful relationships and marriages have been a product of Tinder, there are also many dangerous predators on there. Tender is a location based social dating website. It is most commonly used in the form of an iPhone app.

When you are in a dangerous situation it might be an issue to get help. You can’t scream for help with someone holding a knife to you under the table, for example. That is why this bar has created a genius way for women to escape danger! The bar is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, and goes by the name of “Iberian Rooster”. They came up with the genius drink called Angel Shots.

Angel shots aren’t a complex concept either. You just simply order an angel shot, and a bartender will get you immediate help. You can even modify what kind of help you need by specific details about the shot! For example, if you are in need of the police, order an angel shot with lime. The bartender will immediately call the police. If you want a bartender to escort you to your vehicle, just order the drink neat!


If you didn’t drive and need the bartender to call you an Uber or Lyft, just order it with ice. This idea should be incorporated in bars everywhere! Simply posting the rules of the drink in a bathroom might save a life.

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