Aluminum Foil Is Bad For Your Health, According to Doctors

by Shelby

Aluminum foil is something we all use. However, we should not be using it after learning this!

A recent study has found that there are some very important things we do not know about aluminum foil. Aluminum is a heavy neurotoxic metal that has severe side effects on the function of our brains. It has been associated with Alzheimer’s. Yet, we use it in our kitchen’s daily?

According to researchers exposure to this heavy metal can cause long-term adverse effects. Things like mental decline, memory loss, and even the loss of bodily control. The study mentioned above found that cooking with aluminum affects our bones. As we use it the aluminum builds up inside our bones and takes the space of calcium. This reduces our calcium levels.

It has been linked with pulmonary fibrosis as well as several other respiratory issues. This being the result of inhalation of aluminum particles. The same effects can be achieved if you use aluminum when grilling. A chemical engineering researcher at the American University of Sharjah, Dr. Essam Zubaidy has evaluated the effects of aluminum on cooking and the findings were intense. It was found that cooking in aluminum can include up to 400mg of aluminum into your meal.

Many people are still unaware of this. When aluminum is exposed to high temperatures it emits parts of the metal into our foods. The higher the temperature the more leeching there will be. We should not be cooking with this heavy metal. According to the RDA (recommended daily allowance) by the World Health Organization, we should only consume 60mg of aluminum each day. This meaning the 400mgs we get from cooking with it is far too much. We should do our best to avoid using aluminum foil.

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