ALS Patient Treated With Medical Marijuana Outlives Anti-Marijuana Doctors

by Shelby

Quite some time ago a woman by the name of Cathy Jordan was diagnosed with something known as ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) which is sometimes called Lou Gehrig’s disease. She was only given a maximum expectancy of five more years on this planet.

Now, this taking place around thirty years ago marijuana was not accepted at all as a valid medical treatment. When Cathy decided to use marijuana to help with her issue and no matter who she spoke with doctors were outraged. They assumed by using marijuana as a form of treatment she would be shortening her time here. However, thanks to her decision to use marijuana she is alive and well today.

ALS is not something many people think about but it is a terrible thing to suffer from let alone die from. ALS is the death of motor neurons which leads to the loss of limb control and even things like breathing, swallowing, and speech. Ms. Jordan began using cannabis from a grower in Florida as treatment for her ALS in the late eighties. Cathy told Americans for Safe Access:

“All my docs are retiring or dead. I’ve outlived 5 support groups and 4 neurologists.”

Meaning she is doing much better health-wise than those who opposed her decision to use cannabis in the first place. Back in the time she was being treated growing cannabis was punishable by around 20 years in prison and had to be cultivated in secret as to not get arrested. Ms. Jordan lived long past her expiration date and this caused her to lose her social security benefits.

She says that the Florida state actually said that her ID and regular documentation was not enough proof that she was alive still. She had to ask her neurologist to fill out paperwork in order to prove she was still alive and in term prove that cannabis saved her withering life. Even now with the mountains of proof, we have that Cannabis can benefit us in many ways medically we still for some reason have people who refuse to believe. They were so sure she would die they didn’t believe she was still alive, how ridiculous is that?

It is very saddening to think that many other lives could have been saved much like Cathy’s was if the truth of this plant had been released before now. The more people know about cannabis and the great things it has done and continues to do the better. Being aware can save lives. Please take the time to watch the video below.

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