86 Year-Old Woman Uses Yoga To Treat Her Scoliosis And Completely Transform Her Body

by Shelby

Yoga has been rising in popularity throughout the past few years. This is a great way to work on physical and mental health.

In the case of Anna Pesce who has suffered from scoliosis for a very long time yoga was a lifesaver. At age 86 Pesce was confined to a wheelchair, she is now up and able to walk. Scoliosis is a common condition in which the person’s spine has a very prominent curve the source of this disease is unknown and can it can be crippling.

The main healer for this is found to be exercise. After Pesce visited her family and realized that pain was taking over the time she had left to spend with her loved ones she decided to do something about her issue. She tried everything from acupuncture to physical therapy and nothing seemed to work.

Shortly after all of this Pesce’s daughter introduced her to a yoga instructor named Rachel Jesian. The two began working together, Pesce learned different stretches and poses and after just one month of practicing yoga Pesce was able to walk again! It is obvious that yoga-based treatments can work wonders for people suffering from scoliosis.

Pesce is now able to do things she thought she would never get to do again. People all over are turning to yoga as a form of treatment for many conditions. To hear more on Pesce and her recovery through yoga please watch the video below.

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