8 Leftovers You Should Never Reheat As This Could Poison Your Family

by Awareness Act

I’m sure most of you are quite used to reheating leftover food in the attempt to not let it go to waste. While often this is perfectly fine some foods could put your families health at risk when reheated. Not only that, but you should never reheat foods in plastic or styrofoam containers. The chemicals in these kinds of containers are also able to contaminate your food. When the heat heats the plastic up, it releases the chemicals from the plastic and it leaches into your food that you have in the container. So always keep this in mind too…


Most of the foods, you shouldn’t reheat are foods you wouldn’t usually think twice about. So it is interesting to see this list and know what foods are bad for you once they are reheated. Many of them I would have never ever even known about if it wasn’t for this list! So good thing there are people out there who share this kind of information with us all to keep us safe from harm.

Here are some of the most common foods you should never reheat:

1. Beets: Beets have a high level of nitrate while nitrate is rather good for you, this is one of those foods that should not be reheated.

2. Chicken: Chicken is probably one of the most commonly reheated foods out there nowadays, This is very dangerous, chicken has a high content of protein which if reheated after a day or so, can cause digestive problems. If you really must eat it try to do so cold.

3. Potatoes: Potatoes are extremely good for you; they have a very high nutritional value. But the longer you let them sit, the lower their nutritional value becomes, They can even eventually become toxic.

4. Mushrooms: Mushrooms should always be eaten after preparation. Their composition of proteins can change as well over a matter of a day or so, this will cause digestive issues as mentioned above with the chicken.

5. Spinach: Reheating spinach is dangerous as well. Spinach has a high level of nitrates that when reheated cause the whole amount of spinach to become a complete nitrate. This is carcinogenetic to the body.

6. Eggs: Eggs become toxic when exposed to high heat. You should try to stay away from reheated scrambled eggs and reheated boiled eggs. These will upset your stomach dramatically.

7. Celery: Much like spinach celery should not be reheated because of its nitrate percentage. Usually, people add celery to soups and things of that sort, so I suggest removing the celery before reheating to avoid problems.

8. Turnips: Turnips are also high in nitrates; You should never reheat them. Instead, I strongly suggest eating them cold.

So instead of going straight to the fridge and reheating something, next time consider what exactly it is you’re trying to reheat. If it is one of the things on this list, do your digestive system a favor and don’t reheat it.


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