6 Things Happy People Do Before Getting Out Of Bed

by Awareness Act

When you wake up do you just jump out of bed and get right to starting your day? Or, do you stop for a moment and just let yourself be happy?

A lot of us spend our mornings running around getting ready for the day, and then spend the rest of the day in much of the same way in a hurry. It is no wonder people are so unhappy and despise the thought of opening their eyes before 9 a.m.! It may surprise you that there are some people who actually enjoy their mornings; I am, of course, one of those people. When I wake up, I take 5 minutes to myself to do these things to ensure I have the happiest life possible!

  1. Express Gratitude

Start the day off with love! Appreciate your life and all of its tiny treasures. Express your happiness for being alive today, and for the ability to be with the people you love!

  1. Get all of your Ducks in a row

Do not just wake up and blindly go through your day. When unexpected things happen, it can make for a lot of anger and unhappiness. Take a minute to get set on the things that you wish to get done! And make one of those plans a good deed or a positive step, such as, not saying anything hurtful.

  1. Take a second to feel the sheets

I know it may sound silly, but just take a second to feel the softness of your sheets. Let yourself have a moment of clarity, just lay there for a minute. It feels good doesn’t it?

  1. Smile

Smile because, well, why not! Will it hurt you to move that muscle! Smiling has been proven to reduce stress, lower the blood pressure, and boost your immune system. Smile and get healthy!

  1. Don’t hold on to yesterday

Okay, so you were mad when you went to bed, so what? Today is a new day, start over and do something different. Did your partner make you angry, why hold onto it?

  1. Take ten deep breaths

Take ten deep breaths clear your mind, get up and start your day!

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