6 Stretched You Should Do Before Getting Out of Bed to Feel Great All Day

by Shelby

In the morning when you first open your eyes the first thing on your mind should not be what you have to do that day. You should focus on your mind and body before anything else.

Don’t roll over and rush to check your phone. Stretch, relax and focus on yourself. If you do the following stretches every morning before anything else you will feel much better throughout your day. Who wouldn’t wanna improve their day? You don’t even have to get out of bed yet for them!


  • Figure 4 Stretch
    • This should be the first stretch you do.
    • Bend your right leg and cross your left foot over your right knee.
    • Breathe deeply for ten whole seconds then switch legs.


  • Full Body Stretch
    • Take a deep breath and place your arms over your head lying flat on your back.
    • Clasp your fingers together and overturn your palms to the wall.
    • Keep your knees as straight as possible and stretch your toes.
    • Hold this position for ten seconds.
    • Do this five times.


  • Knees-to-Chest Stretch
    • Lying in bed bend your knees.
    • Be sure you are almost hugging them in a sense and pull them to your chest.
    • Hold this position for ten seconds, longer if possible.


  • Supine Twist
    • Stretch your arms on the right side of your torso.
    • Stretch your legs downward opposite direction.
    • Keep your shoulders on the mattress and hold the position for ten seconds.
    • Then switch sides.


  • Seated Forward Bend
    • Sitting up on your bed stretch your legs outward.
    • Inhale and exhale while reaching for your toes.
    • Do this again and again, be sure to stretch your neck as well.


  • Bent-to-Floor Stretch
    • Set your feet on the floor and bend your knees.
    • Reach for the floor with your hands.
    • Be sure to allow them to hang over your knees.
    • Stretch your head downward towards the floor as well.
    • Count to ten and relax.

What you do upon waking up is important for your whole day. Doing these quick and easy stretches will make you feel energized and awake. You will be ready to start your morning right after. Why not give it a go?


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