5 Things A Narcissist Will Never Do

by Awareness Act

Narcissists. You know the type of person they are, and the toxic behavior that accompanies their scaly personality.

They are overtly egotistical, with a grandiose sense of self-importance. They have fantasies of endless success, expect special treatment, enjoy exploiting others, lack empathy, are jealous, and think of themselves as having unlimited brilliance. To say the least, they are arrogant.

While many of these characteristics might seem like they would be be easy to spot in someone, you need to remember that narcissists are tricky individuals. They are capable of manipulating you into thinking they “aren’t like that.”

No one wants to fall victim to the manipulation of a narcissist. Since it would be useful to know who to avoid, I’ve put together a list of 5 things narcissists will never do to you.

1. They will never make you feel safe.
One of the narcissists main tactics is to make you think you need them. They do this by instilling a sense of insecurity within you, making you question yourself, your friends, your family, and your relationship. They feel powerful, and therefore more secure, by being the force behind your doubt.

2. They will never be direct.
Have you heard of “double-speak,” or “word salad?” It’s how a narcissist speaks when they are confronted. Instead of being direct and saying what they mean, a narcissist will use manipulation and deflection. Asking them anything regarding responsibility or fairness results in misdirection.

3. They will never listen.
No matter what you say, or how many times you say it, a narcissist will never listen. Oh sure, they hearyour words. They can probably repeat them too. But they never listen to what you are saying. You know why? Because pretty much every conversation gets spun into something involving them. Start talking about how your car broke down this morning and suddenly, “Your car broke down? That’s nothing compared to my morning…”

4. They will never do something for free.
The idea of ‘pay it forward’ doesn’t sit well with a narcissist. That’s probably because they never do something without getting something even bigger in return. Unless you can directly benefit them, they aren’t going to be doing you any favours. Honestly, it’s safer that way. Making a deal with the devil only benefits the devil.

5. They will never apologize.
Mostly because they are never wrong. A narcissist could tell you that chickens can fly better than eagles, and despite how absolutely wrong they are, they will never admit it or apologize. They never make mistakes, and if they do say sorry, it will simply be to silence you so they can move the subject on to something more beneficial- like themselves.

By Raven Fon  (h/t Lifehack)   Featured Image

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