20 Life Hacks Which You Didn’t Know About

by Shelby

With the rise of the internet we have been exposed to the life hacks and ideas of people from all over the world. While you may believe you have seen it all by now, don’t stop looking yet!

Here are 20 amazing life hacks that will blow you away:

  1. Fix minor scratches on wooden furniture by rubbing the scratched areas with a walnut.
  2. Avoid difficulties in telling the keys on your key ring apart. Paint each key with a different nail polish color.
  3. Does your phone case reduce the volume of your speaker? Take a needle and stick it into the holes of the case that cover the speaker of your phone. This will increase the volume of the speaker by up to 40%!
  4. When travelling tie a small piece of brightly colored fabric to your luggage. This will make it easier for you to recognize your luggage when it is on the carousel.
  5. To remove the stem from a strawberry, use a straw. Stick the straw into the top of the strawberry, pushing it straight through. It will pop the stem right out.trick, life hack, hulling strawberries
  1. Looking for an inexpensive cookbook holder? Clip the cookbook onto a pants hanger, and hang it off your kitchen cupboard door.
  2. If your beer or other canned drink is too warm simply wrap a wet paper towel around the can and then place it in the freezer for approximately 15 minutes. When you remove the can it will be ice cold.
  3. Are you running out of space in your closet? Take a pop can tab and place the hook of the hanger in the hole of the tab. Hang a second hanger from the second hole of the tab. This will allow you to create a layered effect, effectively hanging 2 hangers in 1 space.
  4. When microwaving food, make a small circle in the middle of the food on your plate. This will allow the food to heat evenly.
  5. Make it easier the next time that you are looking for the end of a tape roll by sticking a plastic bread tab onto the end of the tape.trick, life hack, egg separator
  1. While some of us own egg separators, there is an easy way to separate the yolk from an egg without one! Break the egg on a plate and hover a water bottle over the yolk. Squeeze the water bottle to create suction and then release it to suck the egg yolk into the bottle, separating it from the egg white.
  2. Create additional space in your freezer by clipping vegetable bags with a binder clip onto the bottom of your freezer racks.
  3. Before you throw away your next used post-it note, run it between the keys on your keyboard. This will collect any crumbs and fluff that have found their way between the keys.
  4. Do you have difficulty opening blister packs? Use a can opener! Attach the can opener to the blister pack, and use it in the same way that you would to open a can.
  5. Try this trick to organize your linen closet – Store your folded sheets within the pillow cases. This will leave your closet looking neater, and ensure that sheet sets are not separated.life, life hack, wrapping paper storage
  1. When storing your wrapping paper, use a toilet paper tube to keep it from unraveling. Cut a line straight down the side of the toilet paper tube, and then wrap the tube around your rolled up wrapping paper.
  2. Are you tired of carrying a large bottle of sunscreen with you in the summer? Store your sunscreen in a contact lens case for easier travel! This will also work for other creams and lotions.
  3. If you run out of strings for your weed whacker, use zip ties.
  4. To avoid a large mess while making pancakes, fill a ketchup bottle with the batter. This will allow you to simply squeeze the batter directly into the pan.
  5. When ironing a button-up shirt, flip the shirt inside-out to allow for easy ironing of the button side.

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