15 Signs You Have a Toxic Tooth Infection and How to Treat it Without Going to The Dentist

by Shelby

Chances are you have dealt with an abscessed tooth at one point or another. This is an infection in the root of the tooth where the gum lie meets the tooth and for those who do not know it hurts really fucking bad!

This is something that leads to tooth decay and is caused by bacteria seeping into any cracks or chips you may have in your tooth. This bacteria makes its way down into the root and if left untreated it causes severe inflammation and tremendous pain of the tooth and gum. Unfortunately for the people who deal with this their tooth loses its ability to fight off infection and it is no longer able to defend itself.

At this point, the pulp in the root dies and then the pain may subside a bit. This does not mean the infection is gone. It will continue to spread and make its way into the tissue around the tooth. If you avoid treatment for your abscessed tooth it will eventually infect the bone that keeps the tooth supported and lead to some terrible life-threatening problems.

15 signs you are probably dealing with an abscessed tooth:

1. Swollen lymph nodes
2. Red gums
3. Swollen gums
4. Pain when chewing food
5. Bad breath
6. Sharp throbbing pain
7. Difficulty swallowing
8. Fever
9. Discomfort in the pained area
10. Bitter taste in the mouth
11. Heat or cold sensitivity
12. Swollen jaws
13. Open draining sore on the gum
14. Continuous pain
15. Obvious visible infection in the tooth (if broken)

Of course, you should one hundred percent see a doctor and get this sorted out. Abscessed are not something to play about and are best dealt with as soon as possible, however, you can also use this natural remedy if going to the dentist is not an option or if you would prefer the natural route as it will be able to help as well.

Remedy for Abscessed Tooth:

Begin with doing a quick salt water rinse in your mouth, this is really important be sure to do this each and every time you do this treatment.

Things Needed:


  • Pour 2 teaspoons of coconut oil into your mouth and swish the oil inside for about twenty minutes.
  • Spit it out once the time is up and rinse your mouth out with warm water.
  • Do this three times a day especially in the morning and afternoon.

Extra Tip:

  • You can also try eating garlic cloves (make sure you chew them) to help as well.

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