14 Signs of Adrenal Fatigue, and What You Can Do

by Shelby

Once overlooked as nothing more than a collection of unrelated symptoms, Adrenal Fatigue has now become a buzzword in the world of natural health. Everyone is talking about what to watch for, and what we can do to take care of ourselves, from holistic facialists to acupuncturist.

The question remains, what can you do to protect your own health?


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Susan Blum, MD, founder of the Blum Center for Health and a functional medicine physican states, “When there’s severe, chronic stress, the adrenal glands can stay in the ‘on’ position, making extra amounts of these stress hormones. If this goes on for long enough, the adrenals can become depleted.”

When chronic stress leaves your body in a perpetual fight-or-flight mode, the adrenal glands can’t always keep up. When they are unable to produce a sufficient amount of the hormones required to leave you feeling good, your body will let you know.


Watch for These 14 Symptomsadrenal fatigue, adrenal glands, health, natural health

  1. Feeling Sore and Stiff
  2. Sleep Disturbances
  3. Difficulty Getting Up in the Morning
  4. Poor Digestion
  5. Salt Cravings
  6. A Weak Immune System
  7. Feeling Overwhelmed
  8. Mental Fogginess
  9. Inability to Stay Focused
  10. Low Energy
  11. Fatigue after Working Out
  12. Hormone Imbalances
  13. Anxiety or Depression
  14. High or Low Blood Pressure


What Can You Do?

Focus on ensuring that you are getting enough sleep, especially when you are facing stressful situations in your life! This may require you to set, and keep, a rigid routine. If you find that you can’t fall asleep, even lying down in a dark room will start your melatonin production.

adrenal fatigue, adrenal glands, health, natural health

Avoid the risk of disruptive chemicals in your life by paying attention to what you are putting in and on your body. A healthy diet, and limited exposure to topical chemicals, will help to ensure that your body is functioning at its optimal condition. Too much caffeine will only serve to increase your fatigue in the long run. Turn, instead, to foods that contain essential fatty acids, fish oil, avocado, coconut oil and whole grains.

Lastly, learn to say no! Adrenal Fatigue is caused by high levels of stress. If you re always putting the needs of others first, and finding yourself overwhelmed, you will be feeling the effects. Reducing your stress levels will take a load off your adrenals!


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