11 Secrets Fast Food Companies Don’t Want You to Know

by Shelby

When it comes to fast food these companies try hard to target children in order to get complete families coming into their stores. Ever wonder why the face of McDonald’s is a clown?

The fast food companies don’t care about your health or your families health. Their only goal is to make sales. The more money they can squeeze out of you the better.

Here are 11 secrets fast food companies don’t want you to know: 

1. Fast food places are marketing exploitatively to children.

If you haven’t caught on to this then you are not as bright as I’d like to hope you are. It is more than obvious that when these companies market in this manner they are trying to convince your whole family to be drawn into the store. If they get the whole family in then they can get more sales.

2. Sources for fast food places are not inspected as often as we would like to think.

Food prep and packaging industries are not inspected as often as we think or these companies would like to make us think. As many as 56% of all food facilities have gone at least five years without inspection.

3. Fast food juices can contain much higher levels of arsenic than expected.

Due to the relaxed standards and content requirements of the FDA this is something that happens often. Fast food juices is going to have a higher level than grocery store juice. Arsenic is a carcinogen and should be avoided.

4. There is no regulation on the use of the word ‘natural’ when it comes to fast food.

Something labeled natural is still just as bad as their other products in most cases.

5. Some fast food sponsored charities might be wasting money.

Fast food chains have been sponsoring local events and such in an attempt to spread their name. Some restaurants even lie about how much of the profits from donations are actually going to the charity they are sponsoring.

6. Some fast food companies have been caught using out of date meat.

Mcdonald’s has been accused of this and many other things, however, this is true for quite a few Asian Mcdonald chains. Several Mcdonalds have even been shut down temporarily over this while looking for a new meat supplier. Others have completely taken meat products off the menu for the time being.

7. Fast food soda machines contain significant fecal bacteria.

This is because the soda machines available at fast food restaurants are not sanitary.

8. Until recently Jimmy John’s actually forced workers to sigh a non-compete agreement.

This means that you are forbidden from working at any other restaurant until the term of the contract has ended. It has only been dropped from their contracts because it was deemed ‘unlawful’ by the New York attorney general’s office.

9. Delivery fees from pizza chains do not go to delivery drivers. 

This is just a way for the company to make more money. It is something that keeps many people from tipping because they are not aware of this. People often think that the delivery fee is something the driver is given however it is not.

10. Some companies use ‘tip-sharing’ as a means to pay all the workers less than minimum wage.

This is something I have seen firsthand and it is terrible.

11. The meat being used to make your delicious burgers has been chemically cleaned.

Does eating a chemically washed burger sound like a good idea to you?

Fast food is convenient and tasty but it is not good for us and most of these companies don’t treat their employees properly as it is. Making chicken nuggets at home for your family is much healthier than spending a fortune at McDonald’s for them. Take the extra time to make your family dinner at home your body will thank you.

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