10 Basic Vegan/Vegetarian Classics That You Should Learn How to Cook

by Shelby

There are certain recipes that are tried-and-true that we find ourselves going back to again and again to create simple, and wholesome meals. Living a meat-free, and dairy free lifestyle is so much easier than you think, especially if you have these go-to recipe staples in your recipe stash. So make your life simple, or at least the dinnertime part of your life, and take note of these recipes provided below!

1. Vegetable Soup

vegetable soup
Veggie soup is a wonderful staple to have on hand in the cold, and harsh winter months. Typically, you can make a large amount, and then stash portions in your freezer for a later time. Leftovers make yummy lunches and second dinners. To seal the deal, vegetable soup is loaded with fiber and protein that will fill your belly up, and provide energy for hours!


2. Health-Packed BIG Salad

A nutrition-packed, raw salad is a wonderful thing to have in your recipe tool belt. This power salad is full of color, and delightfully healthy ingredients that will make that side salad from the local fast food chain cry with shame!


3. Pasta Sauce

Keeping homemade pasta sauce on hand either in your pantry or freezer is a wonderful backup idea for those nights when you can’t decide what to have for dinner. You can make this in advance, and freeze or jar it for later use….and the possibilities of creative dinner ideas will be at your fingertips!


4. Stir-Fry

Quick, easy, and healthy, stir-fry is a super versatile and tasty meal to make for any occasion. Try this Thai-inspired recipe that is made with hearty peanut sauce to shake things up for you and your family!


5. Veggie Burgers

What cookout is complete without the veggie burgers? This delicious mushroom and lentil burger is sure to delight your taste-buds and put a smile on everyone’s face at your next family event.

6. The Green Smoothie

green smoothie
Living a chaotic, on the go lifestyle can make it hard to get all of your greens. As a full, nutritionally complete meal, the green smoothie provides an easy way to balance your diet. Use this guide to create your own green smoothie today!

7. The Bowl

As a classic vegetarian staple, most bowls include a grain, a protein, and a sauce or dressing. You can use leftovers or odds and ends laying around in your pantry. This delicious recipe includes a tahini-based sauce that will make your mouth water!

8. Vegetable-Packed Burritos

These vegan burritos are loaded with fiesta vegetables, beans, and spices. As the ultimate convenience food, burritos are easy to make, and even better leftover! Try these vegan burritos today.

9. Vegetable Broth

Chicken broth is called for in so many recipes, and having an easy to make, vegetarian substitute on deck can really help when you are eating meat free. A high-quality broth is important, and you can make this broth in your slow cooker. Make an ample amount, and save for later use!

10. Baked Tofu

baked tofu
Add a slab of baked tofu to a yummy pile of veggies to make a quick meal. Marinated, and then baked in the oven- this dish is chewy and flavorful on the outside, and soft and succulent on the inside. If you typically don’t like tofu, try it baked like this!

Whether you have taken the leap and decided to eliminate meat and animal products from your diet or not, these nutrient dense, as well as filling meals, are perfect starters to a healthier lifestyle. Versatile and quick, you can start adding these easy base recipes to your menu immediately to experience a whole new healthy outlook on food in general. These recipe staples are sure to please both your palette and your schedule, as they are quick, easy, cheap, and TASTY!

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