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The Neurogenesis Diet: Supplements and Miracle Foods to Rejuvenate Your Brain From the Inside Out

in DIY, Food, Health, Home December 9, 2016

Research has discovered that when supplied with the right nutrients, supplements, food, and overall diet, your brain can literally regrow itself from inside out! This process is known as neurogenesis. Neurogenesis is the process in which new neurons are produced. This process is most active in baby’s growing inside the womb. The development of new […]

More Than 65 Percent Of The U.S. Has Unsafe Levels Of Toxic Chemicals In Drinking Water

in Health, Video September 14, 2016

In literally thirty three states here in the United States there have been levels found of industrial chemicals linked with things like developmental issues, tumor growth, hormonal disruption and liver damage in amounts that actually exceed the federally recommended safety levels. Waters here are filled with things like chlorine and fluoride. There are more than 80,000 […]