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Lemon Peel Trick To Get Rid Of Inflammation And Chronic Pain

in DIY, Other August 4, 2016

Did you know that lemons are overflowing with vitamins and minerals? Lemons can actually help you fight off many different diseases and conditions. Lemon can be used for tons of different things. Things like reducing hyperactivity in the stomach, reducing fever, improving your immune system, relax blood vessels and prevent and reduce joint and nerve pain. […]

13 Different Ways to Make Hummus

in Food, Health July 15, 2016

I think that we can all agree on the fact that Hummus is delicious. It is smooth and creamy, but so hard to get just right when you make it at home. Chickpeas are the main ingredient, they are an excellent source of protein and fiber, helping to keep you fuller for a longer period […]

How To Make Your Own Organic Garden Insect Spray

in Environment June 28, 2016

Sometimes store bought garden sprays or pesticides just don’t seem to do any good. They either don’t work or they wind up killing your garden instead, this homemade spray will keep the bugs away and have your garden looking great. The recipe below will have your garden flourishing in no time Things Needed: 4 whole […]