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Whole Foods Has Teamed Up With Monsanto to Outlaw GMO Labeling Across U.S and Replace with Fake Labels

in Food, Health December 2, 2016

Whole Foods has teamed up with Monsanto to “ban” GMO labeling across the United States, and it isn’t unfolding easily. The company has been caught lying to customers about its support with Monsanto. Monsanto Company is a publicly traded American multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation. Basically, they genetically modify agriculture. Natural News published a report […]

These Brands Are Owned By Monsanto! Avoid Them!

in Food, Health September 13, 2016

The world cannot stand Monsanto and with good reason. Their very first creation was a cancer causing artificial sweetener and ever since they have been going downhill, making money off causing people illnesses. Their chemicals are damaging human life and the bee population among other things. Monsanto is aware that the public does not like  […]

Watch How Canola Oil Is Made (Terrifying!)

in Health July 26, 2016

Despite the marketing propaganda you have all been fed that claims that canola oil is healthy, canola oil is not a healthy oil. Once you watch this short video showing you the truth of how it is made, you will never purchase it again! Here is how Canola Oil is made: Companies spend tons of […]