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Why Most People Are Deficient In Magnesium: The Signs and What You Can Do

in Food, Health June 2, 2017

Researchers have found that low magnesium levels have been associated with osteoporosis, asthma, colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, migraine headaches, metabolic syndrome, atherosclerotic vascular disease, elevated C-reactive protein, hypertension and sudden cardiac death. With some estimates suggesting that the rate of magnesium deficiency in the United States could be as high as 90% of Americans, […]

Why This Mineral Deficiency Causes Anxiety and How to Cure It

in DIY, Food, Health, Natural Cures, Uncategorized, Video July 30, 2016

Magnesium often referred to as the “chill pill”, calms down the nervous system and regulates cortisol. When our cortisol levels become unregulated extreme anxiety, depression, weight gain, weakened immune system, and increased blood pressure can occur. So how do you correct this deficiency and protect yourself against public health enemy number one?  What is Magnesium? […]