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A Dirty Little Secret: Your “Organic” Strawberries Aren’t Really Organic

in Environment, Food, Health, Other, Video August 14, 2016

While organic strawberries are much more expensive than non-organic ones it turns out they’re not actually organic. They are fumigated with toxic chemicals including methyl bromide in the early stages of their lives. Methyl bromide is used to sterilize the soil right before the strawberries are planted while it is not sprayed directly on the […]

Watch How Canola Oil Is Made (Terrifying!)

in Health July 26, 2016

Despite the marketing propaganda you have all been fed that claims that canola oil is healthy, canola oil is not a healthy oil. Once you watch this short video showing you the truth of how it is made, you will never purchase it again! Here is how Canola Oil is made: Companies spend tons of […]