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How Your Makeup Is Killing You

in Beauty June 22, 2017

In today’s society, makeup has come somewhat of a standard that women feel as if they do not have a choice. Makeup does not only hide your natural beauty, but it’s bad for you too. According to research by the College of Optometrists over half of makeup, users do not check the instruction to see […]

America’s Most Popular Cheese Recalled

in Health June 19, 2017

Once again. Another mass produced food is being recalled because of potential contamination. This is urgent, and if you have this cheese you need to throw it away as soon as possible. It can kill you. Cheese is one of the most universal foods because you can use it in basically everything. It’s probably America’s […]

Hormones in Your Milk (Even Organic) Are Turning Men into Women

in Food June 15, 2017

Everyone can appreciate a good glass of milk, especially in combination with some of your favorite cereal. However, studies show that commercial milk producers are hiding hormones in their products! Just like basically every commercial food product out there, milk has been contaminated too. For some odd reason, business CEO’s think that it is such […]