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Homemade Essential Oil Laundry Powder You Can Make In Minutes

in Home May 3, 2016

While conventional laundry detergents may leave your clothes smelling fresh as spring, they often contain chemicals with negative effects ranging from skin and throat irritation to carcinogenicity. That is why you should make your own at home, with only a few ingredients and minutes of your time. Toxins in Laundry Detergents Some research has even […]

Coconut Oil & Coffee Sugar Scrub Bars

in Beauty April 1, 2016

In my opinion, nothing is better than, smooth, soft skin; but those expensive sugar scrubs you see in department stores and spas cost only pennies to make. Store bought personal care items can be filled with toxins, so why not make your own? These sugar scrub bars are really wonderful! All you have to do […]

Make Your Own Fabric Softener to Avoid Toxins

in Uncategorized March 5, 2016

Making your own fabric softener is a great way to create scents that delight you while ensuring your clothing is softened without the use of chemicals. The ingredients won’t cause those with sensitive skin to itch, nor do these products harm the environment. The more fragile fabrics are capable of standing up to them, and […]

DIY Bug Repellent Summer Mason Jar Luminaries

in Health February 27, 2016

Winter is coming to an end, and spring is beginning; you know what that means don’t you? Bugs. Say bye bye to bugs with these easy chemical free luminaries! Let’s whip these up, shall we? Supplies You Need: 4 Mason Jars (you can also recycle jelly jars, etc) 40 drops each – Cedarwood, Lavender, Lemon […]