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22 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil

in Natural Cures August 1, 2017

Coconut oil has taken the world by storm, with new articles being posted online each and every day outlining another use or purpose for the ‘miracle substance.’ With over 1500 studies already completed, experts continue to learn new and exciting information about coconut oil each and every day. Now used for everything from optimizing your […]

The Number One Cause of Liver Damage

in Health August 1, 2017

Experts are working to identify the causes of liver damage in the body, and what they have discovered is startling! The number one cause of acute liver failure can likely be found in your own medicine cabinet! A number of over the counter medications that we rely on regularly for the treatment of fevers and […]

12 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Colon Cancer

in Health August 1, 2017

The second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States, it is estimated that 2017 will bring 95,520 new cases. The American Cancer Society reports that while there is a decline in the number of cases in those 50 and older, the incidence rate in Americans under the age of 50 has been on […]