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Yuck! McDonalds Finally Admits What’s In Their Food!

in Food, Health June 14, 2016

The Fast food giant has responded to the mounting public skepticism about the quality of their food by launching a PR campaign titled “Our Food. Your Questions.” McDonald’s gave ABC News access to one of their food processing plants. “We’re starting on a journey called ‘Our Food. Your Questions,’ and we want to open up […]

The Most Dangerous Consequences of the S-A-D Diet

in Food, Health May 17, 2016

Decades ago, the food available was mostly fresh and locally grown; today, the majority of foods consumed are highly processed, high in sugar and fat. The truth is, we are literally eating ourselves to death. First off, what is the SAD diet? Standard. American. Diet. Obesity rates have skyrocketed, and one in five American deaths […]