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3 Reasons You Should NEVER Eat Another Goldfish Cracker

in Food, Health July 16, 2017

Cheese goldfish crackers are an extremely popular choice when it comes to buying snacks for your kids. However, you might want to rethink your supermarket decision in getting these for your kids and sending them off to school with them. Goldfish crackers are extremely popular among kids these days. Kids love them and parents love […]

Science Says The First Born Child is The Most Intelligent

in Other April 8, 2017

Are you the oldest child or the middle child? Have you ever compared yourself to your siblings? Lots of people believe that the position we hold among our siblings comes with things like specific personality traits and things of the sort. However, research has proven that sometimes these frames do not fit the picture. I […]

Lotus Birth, The New Trend in Natural Child Birth

in Video February 10, 2017

Sure sometimes as moms, we do some strange things for good reasons. Is this one of those cases? A mother of two from the United Kingdom named Adele Allen decided to do something extremely strange granted according to DailyMail they do a lot of strange things. She opted for natural childbirth with both of her […]