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3 Reasons You Should NEVER Eat Another Goldfish Cracker

in Food, Health July 16, 2017

Cheese goldfish crackers are an extremely popular choice when it comes to buying snacks for your kids. However, you might want to rethink your supermarket decision in getting these for your kids and sending them off to school with them. Goldfish crackers are extremely popular among kids these days. Kids love them and parents love […]

The Disappearance Of The Word “CURE” From Modern Medicine

in Other September 9, 2016

Does medicine actually cure anything? Did you know that the Webster’s New World Medical Dictionary is missing the words ‘cure’ and ‘incurable’ mistake maybe? I think not. The words ‘cure’ and ‘incurable’ are actually missing in many medical dictionaries and things of that nature. The list goes as followed: The Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary Ninth […]