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“Everyday is a battle” – Teenager’s Life Is Forever Ruined After Dangerously Ineffective HPV Vaccine. She Bravely Shares Her Story with The World

in Health March 15, 2017

Vaccines seem to be showing more and more signs that they are not only ineffective but can cause some dangerous side effects. 12 year old, Chloe Brooke’s-Holder shares her saddening story about her experience with the HPV vaccine. Chloe was a normal, happy, and functional 12-year-old girl. She hoped to make her career dancing, as […]

21 Reasons Why Apple Cider Vinegar Rocks

in Natural Cures March 11, 2017

Not only is apple cider vinegar delicious, it also serves a ton of benefits! It can be used as a cleaner or a health supplement! Here are 21 reasons why apple cider vinegar rocks! Apple cider vinegar can be used for tons of different things including cleaning, detoxifying your body, skin health, and even immune […]