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Have You Purchased These 4 Dangerous, Fake Supplements

in Food, Health April 11, 2017

Corporation’s control all of our food, water, and medications. Because of this, they lie to us about what we are ingesting, and they use chemicals that cause tons of health defects – and we don’t even know we consuming them. You simply can not trust big corporations these days. Because corporations completely control everything we […]

Aborted Human DNA & Fetal Calf Blood Are Ingredients In Children’s Vaccines

in Environment, Health April 10, 2017

Vaccines have become such a controversial topic recently, that many people are even offended or angered by it. Although the social stigma, vaccines shouldn’t be a controversy – they’re factually poison. It’s just the people’s inability to change. There have many instances where vaccines were proven to be ineffective, toxic, life-threatening to humans. For example, […]