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How to Make a Rotten Banana Fresh Again

in Food August 24, 2017

Bananas are great for a ton of different things. They replenish your potassium levels and supply you with an abundance of vitamins and nutrients. However, they have one small issue Bananas are an amazing supplement to add into your diet. They are loaded down with vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. They can replenish your health […]

You Can Make This Cozy Blanket In Just Four Hours

in DIY December 8, 2016

Winter is upon us, and soon temperatures outside will be dropping drastically. Fight against the cold with this comfy and warm blanket, that you can easily make yourself! Typically, blanket making requires knitting needles or other expensive equipment. However, this particular tutorial utilizes PVC tubes instead, making this project that much easier. The blanket that […]