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This Antibiotic Will Ruin Your Life!

in Health March 25, 2017

Modern day pharmaceuticals have been discovered to be the root cause of many severe diseases and health issues. They claim their drugs are the answer to all of our problems, but they’re actually causing them. Many different types of pharmaceutical drugs have been recalled due to some severe adverse side effects they may cause. One […]

You Can Heal Yourself With Your Mind (For Real)

in Video March 24, 2017

Patients have managed to recover from illnesses considered incurable many times over. How exactly can this be explained? The Spontaneous Remission Project is a database of literally over three thousand five hundred case studies from medical literature. Among those, there are quite a few of incurable issues being cured without explanation. Lissa Rankin has blown […]

Scientists Discover Marijuana Helps Heal Broken Bones & Even Make Them Stronger

in Health, Home, Natural Cures, Pain Management, Video March 23, 2017

The multitude of benefits derived from the miraculous cannabis plant are being discovered every day now. A new study performed by researchers shows that the active ingredient in marijuana can help heal bones faster and make them stronger! The primary chemical in marijuana is called Tetrahydrocannabinol, (THC.) This chemical has been proven to have tons […]