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6 Plants Other Than Cannabis That Are High In Healing Cannabinoids

in Environment, Food, Health, Natural Cures May 11, 2017

Plants are full of mysterious healing potentials. As the iron curtain falls and studies on the miraculous healing effects of cannabis are better understood, so too are new parallels being drawn with other plants.¬† Cannabis is known for its healing qualities, as it contains healing cannabinoids. There exist other plants with healing cannabinoids and endocannabinoid. […]

This Oil Stops Cancer Growth, According to Reseach

in Video January 22, 2017

People are dying from cancer in large numbers, it is truly a disastrous¬†disease, to say the least. Mother nature has provided us with many effective natural remedies to this, and we need to start using them. It has been proven time and time again that chemotherapy and radiation treatment is not the way to do […]

DEA Adds Seizure-Halting Cannabinoids to Schedule One

in Health, Video December 22, 2016

It appears the DEA has decided to sneak cannabinoids onto the schedule 1 Controlled Substance Act. Cannabinoids are now being targeted by the government. Of course, it would be targetted at some point. Cannabinoid extracts can be used to help with many diseases. This change has been pushed through a piece of legislation called “Establishment […]