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Aborted Human DNA & Fetal Calf Blood Are Ingredients In Children’s Vaccines

in Environment, Health April 10, 2017

Vaccines have become such a controversial topic recently, that many people are even offended or angered by it. Although the social stigma, vaccines shouldn’t be a controversy – they’re factually poison. It’s just the people’s inability to change. There have many instances where vaccines were proven to be ineffective, toxic, life-threatening to humans. For example, […]

It’s Not What You Think: What It Actually Feels Like On A Daily Basis To Have Anxiety

in Health, Natural Cures April 5, 2017

Anxiety is one of the worst things to experience. While everyone experiences it from time to time – maybe before a date or a job interview. However feeling anxiety on a daily basis is something completely different. “There’s a misconception that anxious people are antisocial, short-fused or over-dramatic. But they’re most likely processing everything around […]