DEA Adds Seizure-Halting Cannabinoids to Schedule One

in Health, Video December 22, 2016

It appears the DEA has decided to sneak cannabinoids onto the schedule 1 Controlled Substance Act. Cannabinoids are now being targeted by the government. Of course, it would be targetted at some point. Cannabinoid extracts can be used to help with many diseases. This change has been pushed through a piece of legislation called “Establishment […]

Healing Benefits Of The Banana Flower

in Food, Health, Video December 19, 2016

Did you know banana flowers were extremely beneficial to our health? Well, they are! Banana flower also known as banana blossom should be something we include in our diet as often as possible. It comes from the banana tree as I am sure you assumed, and can work wonders for things like: Healing ulcers Healing […]